Transfer To DVD


Apart from printing photos, one of our most popular services is video tape to DVD transfer. Many of us have old home movies on video that we don't (or can't) watch any more because the video player was replaced by a DVD and/or Blu-ray player years ago.

At Capture That Photographics, we can bring those valued memories back to life by transferring your VHS, VHS,C, miniDV, Hi8,  Digital Video Camera HDD or Flash Memory Card video footage onto DVD. As well as making it playable, the digitisation process means that the video won't be susceptible to the same degradation as it would on tape.

We can also transfer Digital Video Camera HDD, Flash Memory Cards to DVD and/or convert your footage to virtually any video file format, including MPEG4 for easy uploading and sharing to social networks, ipod, ipad or smartphone. For information on our file conversion services please click here.

Prices start from just $49.95 and your DVD can be ready as quickly as next day. Contact us now by email or by calling 02 9233 5840 to preserve your valued memories forever.








  • Removal of blanks, black and unused sections of video.
  • Removal of where the camera cap has been left on, or facing the ground for a long period of time.
  • Scene points (eg. Where the scene changes from one event to another) (Available when requested).
  • Chapter creation (Available when requested)DVD menu.
  • Combine footage from multiple tapes onto a single DVD (Available when requested).
  • Optional personalised DVD and cover with title of your choice (Basic Service).
  • Optional highest photo quality directly onto DVD face with text of your choice (Deluxe Service)


DVD Transfer Package Pricing



    DVD Transfer Package 1 
    Standard Transfer

  • Soft cover.
  • DVD with converted footage.
  • Basic Menu.
  • Includes transfer of your home footage to DVD.
  • Please note this service does not include personalised Cover.




    DVD Transfer Package 2
    Basic Transfer

  • Hard cover w/ personalised text
  • DVD with transfered footage
  • Basic menu
  • Includes transfer of your home footage to DVD, hard cover with personalised text and label, basic menu. For pictured covers please see deluxe package 3. 

    DVD Transfer Package 3
    Deluxe Transfer

  • Hard cover w/ personalised text & Image
  • DVD with transfered footage
  • Deluxe menu w/ text & image (optional)
  • Includes transfer of your home footage to DVD


    Extra Copy

  • Extra copy of your dvd.
  • Bulk pricing available.
  • Additional $5 applies for personalised dvd cover.


    Next Day Service

  • Next day service.
  • Have your home movie converted within 24hrs.


    Multiple Footage

  • Combine multiple media to one DVD.
  • Transfer service rate + $25 per tape there after.