US DS-160 Application

Do You Need Assistance with Your USA DS160 Application Form?

No Problem, Capture that Photographics have specially adapted computers to help complete your application, including internet access, document printing, photo uploading and photocopying. Our highly trained staff have acquired a great deal of knowledge in completing this form. 

Although we are not directly connected with the US Consulate we can offer some guidance and assistance when completing your application. We also offer the following facilities in store:

  • Internet Access and/or Computer Access $1.50 (per 10min)
  • Document Printing and Photocopying $1 Per A4 Page (single)
  • Document Scan $1.95 per scan
  • USA Digital Photo $23.95 (Digital Photo for DS-160 Application)
  • USA Passport Photo $23.95 (Print)
  • USA Passport & Digital Photo $33.95 (Print & Digital)