Video Editing

As well as our transfer services, we also offer a video editing service. Our specialised technicians have a lot of experience with editing your video footage. From removing blank and unused sections of video to adjusting the colour of your footage and much more.... Capture That DVD has it covered....For more information on this service or to obtain an obligation free quote, please contact us.




Editing Options:

  • Speed up, slow down and reverse your clips
  • Adjust the colour of your video by changing exposure, brightness, contrast and saturation levels
  • Convert clips from color to black and white, sepia, or a dream haze
  • Add jump cuts and flip effects
  • Video stabilization on a clip by clip basis
  • Add animated titles and sophisticated transitions
  • Add audio effects
  • Add multiple audio tracks for music and sound effects
  • Cut down background noise
  • Add High-quality visual effects